What Are All On Four Dental Implants?

All On Four is a term used in reference to ‘all’ teeth being supported ‘on four’ dental implants. Also known as All‐On-Four and All‐in‐Four, the All-On-Four is a surgical technique typically performed on patients with badly broken down teeth, decayed teeth, or compromised teeth due to gum disease. Using computer-guided technology, four implants are placed in the anterior maxilla where bone density is higher. Placing implants where there is higher bone density allows for a sturdy, secure, and long-lasting hold. The four implants support a fixed prosthesis with 10 to 14 teeth, and it is placed immediately!

Patients can receive treatment on the lower arch, upper arch, or both arches at once for a brand new, fully-functioning set of teeth in a single dental visit.

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Benefits Of All On Four Dental Implants

There are many benefits to the All-On-4™ procedure. It is a permanent and most importantly, secure solution to missing teeth. The All On Four does not move in the mouth like dentures, causing soreness and discomfort. They look and feel just like natural teeth, eliminating the discomfort and beautifying the aesthetic. Let’s recap the benefits of the All-On-4:

  • Fewer visits
  • A new smile, immediately
  • Reduced need for bone grafting
  • Permanently restored smile

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What Is The Difference Between All On Four And An Implant Bridge?

An implant bridge is a fixed dental restoration used to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth definitively to adjacent teeth or dental implants. The All On Four is a full arch replacement together on four fixed implants, inserted into the sturdiest parts of the bone at a 30-45 degree angle.

Why choose All On Four over dentures?

With as few as four dental implants, you can replace your dentures and have a permanent implant-supported bridge in as little as one day. All-On-4 patients have noticed a major improvement in chewing ability, teeth stability, and overall comfort immediately following recovery. The All-on-4 also helps to enhance a patient’s aesthetic and face shape.

Dentures are a quick and temporary fix. They are often uncomfortable, lacking a perfect fit. Additionally, they are not permanent and do not promote bone growth.

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What gives All On Four its title?

The “all” refers to all of the teeth in an arch—a full upper or lower set of teeth. The “4” refers to the number of dental implants required to hold that arch in place. Instead of replacing each tooth separately, you’ll receive a full set at once that is held in place by four strategically placed implants.

What Is The Cost Of All On Four?

The cost of All On Four is completely dependent upon the patient and their needs. For example, some patients get both arches at once and some patients are only in need of one arch at a time. A full evaluation is necessary before a final price is given to fully assess the patient’s oral health and needs. Additionally, insurance must be taken into account when calculating the total cost for the All On Four procedure.

You should be prepared to spend an average of around $25,000 per arch for this solution. An arch can be as little as $12,000 or as much as $50,000.

Is All On Four comfortable?

All-on-4 dental implants are designed to be comfortable as they do not press down on your gums in the way traditional dentures would. You will soon be able to bite with increased force and experience the normal sensation of enjoying hot or cold foods and all their flavors again.

Am I a candidate for the All On Four procedure?

All-on-4 dental implants should be a consideration for every patient who is missing all of their teeth. They can also be beneficial when the patient is missing so many neighboring teeth that a partial denture alone would not be a stable tooth replacement option.

How long does the All On Four procedure take?

All-on-Four takes approximately two hours per arch, however, the procedure duration depends largely on that specific patient. Each patient is different, with different circumstances.

How long will the All On Four take to heal?

In the event you do notice any immediate pain and swelling, properly prescribed pain medications can help. You will be able to resume work within two to three days. On the other hand, if you have teeth and bone grafting is required, you can expect a healing period of three weeks.

What are the post-operative instructions for All On Four?

It is completely normal to experience a certain degree of discomfort following the All On Four procedure as it is following any invasive surgery. Post-operative instructions for All On Four begin with rest and relaxation. It is important to avoid all strenuous activities for at least a week following your appointment.

We will provide you with antibiotics following the procedure to avoid and prevent any infection from occurring. Take the antibiotic as directed and feel free to get in touch with us if any questions/concerns may arise.

Swelling is completely normal. You may experience mild to moderate swelling that has been known to peak at around the 48-hour mark. Applying an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off, will help to reduce the swelling.

Following a soft diet will be beneficial in your recovery process! Liquids will help you to stay hydrated and soft foods such as yogurt, soups, pasta, ice cream, and more foods of pureed consistency will help facilitate the recovery process!

Lastly, always remember to care for your implant sites and practice good hygiene. Bleeding or oozing at the implant site is normal to occur within the first 24-48 hours following surgery. We will provide you with a full instruction guide to follow with every reminder you need, along with notes on what is normal to be experiencing.

Attend your scheduled follow-up visit so we can ensure that everything is going according to plan and that you are healing right on schedule. Again, if you have any questions or concerns throughout the process, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Is All On Four painful?

Many patients plan to be away from work for many days, mistakenly thinking that getting All-on-4 implants is painful; however, it is a well-tolerated, minimally invasive outpatient procedure that takes approximately two hours per set in a dental office.

Are All On Four implants permanent?

All-on-4 dental implants are meant to be a permanent dental solution. Your implants can last 20 years or more with proper care.

Are All On Four Implants removable?

All-On-4™ dental implants are a breakthrough in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation. The procedure quite literally makes it possible for patients who have lost most, if not all of their teeth, to get a brand new set of teeth that are fixed, non-removable, immediately functional, and natural-looking.

What do all on 4 implants feel like?

All on 4 dental implants are designed to be comfortable and form fitted to each patient, specifically. Our computer guided technology allows for perfect placement on the day of surgery and our advanced technology aids us in the design process to create fixed bridges that are perfectly tailored to each patient. Each patient receives a completely customized all on four.

How to clean all on 4 implants?

It is essential to take proper care and maintenance of your All On 4 dental implants to ensure the longevity of the dental implants. Below are methods you can use to clean your All On 4 dental implants properly:

  • Floss under your dental bridge after every meal to remove any food debris that may be stuck
  • Rinse your mouth twice a day with water and antibacterial mouth rinse to kill harmful bacterias
  • Brush your prosthesis regularly. It is recommended to use an electric toothbrush to ensure brushing is efficient and effective.
  • Visit your dental professional regularly for maintenance and professional cleanings every 2 to 3 months.